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Our virtual office services include: Mail Forwarding We can provide your company with the prestigious address in central London (SW1W). London SW1 is a fashionable post code and is one of the most sought after […]

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December 20, 2016

WFB partners with MyLocalPitch.com

WFB  is pleased to announce its partnership with the My Local Pitch MLP  (www.mylocalpitch.com )     WFB  is pleased to announce its partnership with the My Local Pitch MLP  (www.mylocalpitch.com ) to expand MLP […]

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December 11, 2016

WFB partners with Premier Education Group

WFB  is pleased to announce its partnership with the Premier Education Group (www.premier-education.com  )  to expand Premier Education and Sport business operations in Eastern Europe . Established in 1999,Premier Sport is the UK’s largest provider […]

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WFB is pleased to announce new partnership with Power Snooker .

WFB  is pleased to announce new partnership  Power Snooker . Power Snooker created in 2010 to revitalize the game of snooker for modern viewing audiences.  Power Snooker has a hugely influential board of directors including […]

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December 10, 2012 | Agreement with Ranchi Rhinos India Hockey club

R.Dubov is the commercial consultant of Ranchi Rhinos and aims to develop high quality standard hockey clubs in India with full Spector of consulting.

  • Brand development advise
  • merchandise advise
  • internet and social network politics advise
  • commercial advise
  • brand advise

| Partnership with the biggest Russian tyres and alloy wheels company Na Kolesah


R.Dubov is the exclusive consultant to provide business development advise for the company in 2013.

| Partnership with Russian Bank Smart Bank


WFB and Smart bank first in Russian market start new venture to finance sports season tickets for all Russian sports club. Project will start in 2013.

| Partnership with Oracle Capital Group


Together working on deals in  Eastern European Market

| Partnership with Dan Group


Strengthening work and global partnership in Asia and Eastern Europe markets.

| Partnership with Sport Business Consulting Russia


Consolidate work to promote Sport Ideas on Russian Markets.

| Partnership with www.seryab.ru


Together we develop a new exclusive water for Spartak and for WRC for 2013.

September 10, 2012 | 09 Sep 2012 – Agreement with YHI for WRC Wheels


Project begins in 2013

July 20, 2012 | 20 Jul 2012 – Gator Sports exclusive agreement with Spartak


Gator Sports accomplished an exclusive agreement with Spartak for providing merchandise for period 2012-2013.

May 12, 2012 | 15 May 2012 – WFB Partnership with Spartak Moscow

R.Dubov is the executive consultant for Spartak Moscow Ice Hockey club for 12 months period.

April 4, 2012 | 04 Apr 2012 – Partnership with Gator Holdings

WFB London became a financial partner of Gator Holdings (http://www.gator-golf.co.uk http://www.gator-sports.co.uk http://www.gator-finance.co.uk). A dynamically developing Gator Holdings consists of different companies under the Gator brand. Company is a leader in sales of golf equipment, as well as importing and delivery of sport equipment, clothing and inventory to supermarkets. Company is involved in financial services in sports market, along with increasing its representation in sports media.

| Representing Three Banks

WFB London was appointed by three Russian banks to represent their interests in negotiations with VISA, MasterCard and Diners Club in bringing prepaid cards to Russian and Ukraine markets.

| Partnering with RIC Bank

WFB London became an official partner to Russian “Риал-Кредит” bank. (http://www.ricbank.ru) Company offers consultation on raising capital and financing for the bank, as well as expanding the services provided with micro credits.

| Consulting Power Snooker

Roman Dubov became an independent consultant to Power Snooker (http://powersnooker.com) in promoting the sport in the world.

| 04 Apr 2012 – Partnership with a global social media Cox UK

Roman Dubov and WFB London became official partners and consultants of a global social media Cox UK. Service will be launched in summer 2012. Currently, there are 42 developers working on creating this unique product.

| Advisor to Ladomir

WFB London became an advisor to Ladomir (http://www.ladomir.ru) in seeking funding for the Asian markets.

| InfaBode startup

Roman Dubov became a co-investor and co-owner in a new internet startup InfaBode (http://www.infabode.com). Project is based on unique concept of a social network for professionals and students, which should be launched in August 2012.

| Camelot Resources AG

WFB London became a financial advisor to Camelot Resources AG (http://www.camelotresources.ch) in short-term commodity and transit loans in China and Hong Kong.

| Business Consulting

Roman Dubov of WFB London became a consultant to Russian bookmaker (http://www.bukmekerpub.ru) and (http://www.mironoff.com). Companies specialize in sport bets and leisure. Agreement has been made on innovation in bookmaker industry and increase of live sports content in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as development of its presence in the European market.

| Wiger Germany

WFB London became a financial and equity partner of Wiger Germany (http://www.wiger.ru), leader in car wheel sales and production in Russia. Companies have agreed on wheel distribution in Russia, United Kingdom and other BRIC countries.

| ProSports Management partnership

Roman Dubov WFB (http://www.wfblondon.co.uk) and German Tkachenko of ProSport Management (http://www.prosm.ru) have announced a partnership. Companies have agreed to work together on providing consulting services in sports sector. ProSport Management is a leader in consultation business in Russia. Furthermore, Roman Dubov will be an independent consultant and specialist of Anji FC on long-term plans and strategy development.

| Streamworks

Roman Dubov and Streamworks (http://streamworksint.com) have agreed to cooperate together to develop and present Streamworks services in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.

November 30, 2011 | Workforce Bank consulting on 2 gold mines sale

Workforce Bank was assigned to be an agent and consultant on the sale of 2 gold mines in the Republic of Buryatia.

| Workforce Bank sponsoring Vadim Vinnikov and Eastern Stars cooperation

In the sports area, Workforce Bank has acted as a personal partner and sponsor of Vadim Vinnikov at World Domino Championship and will continue its cooperation with the Eastern Stars Ice Hockey team, the leaders of amateur ice hockey in Great Britain in 2011-2012.

| Workforce Bank financial growth

After submitting the annual reports for 2010-2011, Workforce Bank has shown a 11% increase in the gross profits comparing to the previous year.

| Workforce Bank assists Russian Stroydepo

Workforce Bank became a financial adviser of “Stroydepo”(www.stroydepo.ru) company, a Russian federal network of construction and finishing materials hypermarkets, on the search and attraction of financial sponsorship for the construction of 6 shopping centers in Russia.

| Workforce Bank as an advisor to Shina Expert

Workforce Bank announced today that it acted as an agent and advisor to a company “Shina Expert”(www.autoexpert.ru) in 2 European property deals. “Shina Expert” is a Russian based business, selling tires and providing auto service. The sum of the deal is undisclosed.

November 1, 2010 | A group of Workforce Bank companies showed steady growth in 2009-2010.

Companies which are managed Workforce Bank Limited: Davencourt Enterprises Limited , WFBLondon Limited, Workforce Bank Limited have received end of year (2009-2010) account report. All the companies in the group showed steady revenue growth comparing to previous year, and on aggregate showed a 40% growth.

September 8, 2010 | WFB London and Davencourt Enterprises invested in the South England Seaside Resort

WFB London and Davencourt Enterprises made an investment in 4 houses at the elite resort on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean – Retallak Resort and Spa 5* Luxury Catered Houses – www.retallackresort.co.uk. One of the most luxury and popular surfing resorts in UK.

| WFB London and Gator Golf are opening offices in Spain.

Gator Golf and its co-founder – WFB London together with Playa Macenas Golf Course are opening offices in Spain.

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