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We work with a handful of developers in Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria to bring you a selection of high quality properties that offer you a safe investment in your new home overseas… Property in Europe […]

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December 20, 2016

WFB partners with MyLocalPitch.com

WFB  is pleased to announce its partnership with the My Local Pitch MLP  (www.mylocalpitch.com )     WFB  is pleased to announce its partnership with the My Local Pitch MLP  (www.mylocalpitch.com ) to expand MLP […]

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December 11, 2016

WFB partners with Premier Education Group

WFB  is pleased to announce its partnership with the Premier Education Group (www.premier-education.com  )  to expand Premier Education and Sport business operations in Eastern Europe . Established in 1999,Premier Sport is the UK’s largest provider […]

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WFB is pleased to announce new partnership with Power Snooker .

WFB  is pleased to announce new partnership  Power Snooker . Power Snooker created in 2010 to revitalize the game of snooker for modern viewing audiences.  Power Snooker has a hugely influential board of directors including […]

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Workforce Bank investment in GolfR.

Workforce Bank is pleased to announce  investment in GolfR.

Golfr is ready to launch – the World’s only on-course video experience with added share-ability. Using permanent on-course TV-quality technology, golfers will be able to purchase broadcast quality footage of themselves playing a full par 3 hole. The footage will be edited and created on-site and delivered to the player online via the Golfr channel, which will enable customers to buy more and share with friends.

Golfr’s management have a strong track record of launching major sports brands from scratch.

Golfr has signed terms with Troon Golf – a global golf course management co, giving Golfr access to 240 clubs globally. Each course will retail Golfr movies to both individual golfers and corporate days at the booking stage. We anticipate conversion rates of 22% to 25%. We will also up-sell photo products using video stills.

In 5 years we plan to be operational on approximately 62 upscale tourist / corporate-focused courses.

Roman Dubov, Chairman of WFB, appointed as director of GolfR.

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